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COWI's legal consultants advise customers throughout the procurement process - from strategy and formulating tender documents to evaluating tender and contract material.


Based on sector-specific technical advice, COWI's legal consultants provide advice on various forms of contract award procedures and the legal matters involved in public procurement within the public and the utilities sector.

We have in-depth knowledge of the possibilities for collaboration with private suppliers. Coupled with a thorough understanding of the administrative and legal framework for public entities, we are a solid partner when it comes to guiding our customers on how to involve private sector participation in supporting and delivering public services in the best possible way.

Procurement documents and evaluation
A crucial aspect of procurement is to ensure that the process is handled correctly and to avoid uncertainties that could lead to a complaint. Bidders must feel confident that the competition is fair.

With our insight into technical aspects, COWI's legal consultants ensure that procurement documents form the basis for receiving the best possible bids from qualified private suppliers. We also evaluate the bids received and make recommendations on whom to award the contract.


COWI ensures that these important steps of the tender process are completed:

  • Clear and unambiguous procurement documents
  • Transparent procurement process based on equal treatment of all tenders
  • Objective and clearly specified award criteria
  • All phases of the procurement process are documented.
Contract design

COWI's legal consultants provide expertise on contract drafting, taking into account the form of cooperation and the technical service. COWI recommends that the procurement documents are always accompanied by a draft contract.

COWI can also assist in connection with the signing of the contract with the winning bidder.

LAST UPDATED: 03.08.2017