Labour market analyses

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COWI has in-depth knowledge of the conditions and challenges of the labour market and carries out analyses of young people and unemployment. 

Some of the political challenges of the labour market are to avoid that large groups of unemployed people become marginalised, and to ensure that that the supply of working capacity with appropriate competences is adequate in the future.

Working closely with job centres and employment regions, COWI carries out analyses of how to bring different groups of unemployed people closer to the labour market. The analyses focus on the competences which will be demanded in the future.

Analyses of young people
COWI carries out a large amount of analyses of unemployment among young people between the ages of 18 and 29.

The aim is to map the characteristics of the unemployed young people in a certain municipality or region, and what barriers young people face when applying for a job or commencing an education.

Long-term view of the labour market
COWI has projected and analysed the future demand and supply for working capacity and competences. Some analyses have focused on demarcated geographical areas, while others have focused on actual professional and educational groups.

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LAST UPDATED: 02.09.2017