Organisational development

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COWI helps organisations streamline their processes and develop their full potential.

COWI integrates organisational development as a part of evaluations of public organisations when reviewing their ability to meet their goals and visions.

When e.g. municipal administrations, business units or government agencies want to optimise their resources and operations, COWI helps make organisational processes more effective and develop quality enhancement strategies for working procedures.

Strategic methods and toolsThe tools COWI uses are state-of-the art, and based on acknowledged theories and practical experience.

When analysing organisations, we use e.g. performance evaluations and bottom-up analyses connected to systems theories such as discourse analysis and narrative models.

In the process-oriented field, our development tools comprise working procedure analyses, such as Lean and Business Process Re-engineering, and benchmarking analyses.

We apply methods such as prototyping, log usage, future workshop and Appreciative Inquiry to involve users.

LAST UPDATED: 01.09.2017