Peace and security

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Fragile and conflict-affected countries face greater development challenges than other countries. COWI contributes to durable solutions that reduce conflict and strengthen development.
Fragile and conflict-affected countries face a number of challenges. For instance, poverty is often widespread.

Public services such as health and education are rudimentary and not always accessible to those who need them. Basic human rights are not necessarily recognised or protected, and personal security is not assured.

Durable solutionsCOWI provides a range of services related to strengthening fragile states and helping to lift states out of conflict and onto the path to sustainable development.

Evaluation, reviews, analyses, studies, programming and capacity building are part of our consultancy.

Typically, we link political security issues, e.g. counter-terrorism, support to peace processes etc. to the political, economic, humanitarian and social environment, thus contributing to durable solutions. 


360 degree analysis


By assessing beneficiary and donor perspectives, we ensure a 360 degree understanding and analysis of the precise issues involved.

This is possible because of our experts' comprehensive knowledge of the sectors and their global experience.

Our teams are always tailored to the particular assignment and we combine our own in-house consultants with international experts from our network to provide precisely the expertise required.

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