Strategy development

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COWI provides consultancy on strategy processes and development to the private and public sectors. 

COWI is particularly competent in strategy development in knowledge-intensive organisations, where credibility and trust in the relation between the organisation and its stakeholders are important for the organisation to reach its goals. 

Stakeholders may include customers, the political system or citizens.

Manging dilemmas
COWI provides consultancy on strategy in contexts characterised by dilemmas and change. A dilemma may be balancing quality in the core service with internal spending cuts. Or there may be a demand for creative innovation, while focus on internal operations optimisation is required. 

Dilemmas which are managed correctly may become a driving force for optimised strategic focus.

Development processes
In close dialogue with our customers, we devise a strategy development process which matches their challenges and needs. The consultancy ranges from strategy to operations.

LAST UPDATED: 02.09.2017