Land registration and legal verification

Photo: COWI A/S

COWI specialises in large nationwide systematic campaigns for land registration and legal verification, where the real property rights are geometrically verified in the field and the legal rights pegged thereto, including servitudes and encumbrances ascertained for each and every property unit.

The services cover the entire range of products required for ascertaining the property rights, including surveying, mapping and legal rights verification aspects. The end product is to match each property to the rightful owner, ending in most cases in large land titling campaigns, where the rights are established and recorded.

The relevance of the exercise cannot be undermined with view of the socio-economic benefits the land title provides to its holder, not the least by ensuring the mortgage grants based on the title.

COWI has, in close collaboration with our counterparts, established the policy and the legal framework, and in some cases even the law required in support of efficient land administration and land management.

LAST UPDATED: 08.08.2017