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Organisation and institution capacity building

Photo: Niels Åge Skovbo


To draw the maximum benefit for a dynamic land market from the cadastre and land registration administration, as well as land use planning and management, the primary requirement is the organisation and human resources supporting real property rights administration.

COWI has through three decades assisted various cadastre and land registry authorities in strengthening their organisations, including streamlining of workflows and processes, drafting of protocols for data exchange, and defining the requirements in terms of staffing and qualification.

This encompasses implementation of large capacity building programmes from training needs assessments to provision of advanced land administration and land management courses.

Capcaity building in former Eastern EuropeAmongst other, in Romania, COWI supported the merger of the cadastre and the land book formerly under the Ministry of Justice into a self funded State Agency, where customer oriented services have consisted the backbone of the authority.

Capacity builidng in Africa

In Lesotho we have designed the Land Administration Authority, including, structure and functions, job descriptions and qualifications, data standards and protocols of cooperation with secondary authorities.

Besides, COWI has optimally implemented a series of tailor-made land administration and land management courses in Denmark and overseas.

LAST UPDATED: 15.02.2017