Property rights

Photo: COWI A/S
COWI has since the beginning of the 1960'ies been active in relation to real property rights - or area & rights as often referred to.

With close to 50 chartered surveyors in COWI today, we are able to offer considerable experience in a wide variety of real property issues, including consultancy on cadastral matters, digital land registration, preparation of easements, screening and feasibility studies, analysis of land use, expropriation, etc.

Experience from many projectsIn Denmark, COWI has been involved in managing real property rights within the existing legal framework, particularly in relation to infrastructure projects and utility services.

Our approach to these services - particularly where linked to expropriation - emphasise the importance of establishing and maintaining close contact to land owners and reach conclusions based on voluntary agreements, whenever possible.

The availability within COWI of other technical skills highly relevant for many of the area & rights projects - engineering, environmental and economic disciplines to name a few - has contributed to our ability to take on the responsibility for the largest projects of its kind globally as for instance the Copenhagen Metro, while also servicing private developers, municipalities and many others on assignments very different in size and nature.

LAST UPDATED: 08.08.2017