Light rails, metro and railways

Photo: flickr/LHOON

Development and improvement of railways, metros and light rails are high on the political agenda. COWI contributes with planning expertise.

Alleviation of congestion and improvement of public transport have high priority in urban areas.

The introduction of light rail or metro instead of buses will give passengers shorter travel times and more regularity.

Project planning and designCOWI's extensive experience with planning of railways, metros and light rails make us the obvious choice for large railway projects.

Our strength within light rails and metros is the combination of planning expertise within public transport and project design within railways, tunnels, bridges and roads.

SolutionsCOWI delivers a thorough and realistic assessment of project solutions and their construction and operational costs.

The latest analyses which COWI has carried out include traffic planning for the extension of the Copenhagen Metro, an assessment of establishing a light rail in Greater Copenhagen and the planning of a light rail in Aarhus, Denmark.

LAST UPDATED: 01.09.2017