Planning of public transport

Photo: Niels Iversen/COWI
Public transport plays an important role in addressing the increasing volume of car traffic. COWI cooperates with local and regional authorities, transport companies and government institutions to create solid and efficient public transport.

COWI is the market leader in Denmark within all fields of public transport planning.

We support local and regional authorities, traffic companies and governmental institutions both in Denmark and abroad.

Efficient public transportWith more than 30 years of experience with public transport planning, COWI has a broad span of tools to provide efficient and high-quality transport services.

Our wide knowledge of transport planning, operation, economics, urban and environmental planning, politics and communication ensures solid consultancy from the onset of a planning process until the transport system has been implemented.

Future urban public transport


We help provide competitive public transport in urban areas by combining the best qualities of private cars with the best features of public transport.

Passengers require short travel times, direct lines, simplicity and high frequency.

Flexibility in rural areas
Because the population in rural areas is spread out, it is difficult to provide cost-efficient public transport with mobility for everyone.

COWI seeks to integrate the transport of elderly people, disabled people, school children and the general public transport into one product.

Solutions vary from ordinary bus lines to dial-a-ride services and other flexible transport systems.

LAST UPDATED: 02.09.2017