Road traffic signals

Photo: dsearls/flickr

Traffic signals are becoming more and more advanced and the demand for effective traffic is increasing. COWI provides planning and optimisation of traffic signals.

COWI designs traffic signals based on traffic needs, road safety, user accessibility and vehicle-actuated functions. We ensure that traffic signals comply with formal and functional requirements.

For traffic to flow, traffic signals need to be  optimised frequently. COWI analyses traffic flows and proposes improvements for isolated, coordinated as well as adaptive signals.

Prioritising buses and bicycles
Traffic signals make bicycle and public transport more attractive if priority functions are built into the signals.

COWI incorporates the needs for priority functions into signal control programmes.

Tendering of operation and maintenance
When traffic signal projects are tendered, competitive prices must be ensured and the service should be well defined. COWI prepares tender documents, handles the tender process and supervises operation.

Signal operation
COWI provides consultancy on the operation of signals, e.g. supervision of deliveries from contractors. We also provide periodical inspections of signal equipment, signal control programmes and expert advice answering inquiries from citizens etc.

Development and design strategy


Long-term planning is necessary for optimal operation of traffic signals. COWI examines signal equipment, formulates strategies for development of equipment and ensures that new equipment is compatible with existing equipment.

This helps authorities to invest in and operate traffic signals with the best quality at the lowest prices.

LAST UPDATED: 08.08.2017