Sea and air transport

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COWI offers a wide range of sea and air transport planning services, including route development, marketing, financial optimisation and improved facilities for passengers.

Our transport services range from transport system planning and management to planning and design of airports, airport cities, roads, tunnels, bridges, ports, marine structures and intermodal facilities.


Within the aviation sector COWI provides services to customers in the public and private sectors, e.g. authorities, airlines, airport operators and investors. For instance, we have carried out a GIS analysis and mapping for Copenhagen International Airport.

In addition to airport specific disciplines our major airport projects often involve a wide range of disciplines, including environmental management, strategic economic optimisation, cost-benefit analyses, building, road and railway design solutions, organisational management and corporate social responsibility.

Sea transport

Our maritime transport planning services comprise master planning, transport to/from harbour areas, internal logistics etc.

We carry out feasibility studies, including services such as transport modelling, patronage, freight and traffic forecasts, tariff and revenue forecasting and market analysis.

We have assisted a number of Danish and international harbours, primarily in the US and Gulf region.

Infrastructure development
When COWI provides consultancy, we cover all phases of infrastructure development, from the initial planning and feasibility studies to design, organisation and training, construction and commissioning as well as maintenance management and rehabilitation.

LAST UPDATED: 01.04.2017