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Urban development

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COWI assists regional and local authorities in developing their potential for growth and prosperity.

COWI acts as partner for the authorities in developing and implementing the overall planning strategy.

Based on quantitative and qualitative analysis of the region and its sectors, we provide a process perspective on creating an ambitious yet realistic plan for implementation.

We have extensive experience in regional development processes where funding from the European Union is a key parameter, including a number of projects involving border regions between two or more countries.

Rethinking the city

The art of developing a new city or regenerating an existing city is a complex process, demanding a wide range of competences.

Creating an exciting and safe city takes a solid knowledge of financing, process, citizen involvement, environmental issues and traffic planning.

From initial planning to final implementationCOWI assists in adapting the initial concept to the commercial realities through market analysis, business plans and investment strategies.

We guide the project through the challenges linked to the spatial planning process and assist with analysis of environmental and traffic issues before projecting the building process.

LAST UPDATED: 31.08.2017