Analyses, forecasts and background

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Using a mixture of soft and hard data COWI creates an overview of the status and developments in urban and rural areas.

Urban and rural areas are constantly changing, and decisions need to be made on development and conversion of housing areas, schools, day care centres, shops, offices, culture and transport.

COWI helps to create an updated and correct image of the physical framework, human activities and needs for urban areas, providing the basis for making the right decisions.

The right tool for the job
Based on an analysis of our customers' requirements, COWI decides which data to collect and which methods are best suited for the collection, analysis and presentation of the data.

COWI has extensive experience collecting and analysing statistical data from public and private registers and collecting soft data through interviews, round table discussions and questionnaires. We often use a combination of soft and hard data.

Profiles and scenarios Based on the analyses we draw up a profile for the area, the physical framework and stakeholders. We work at all levels - from descriptions of the regional interaction between cities and rural areas to the consequences of closing a school in a village.

Finally draw up scenarios for future development and describe the consequences of the decisions.

LAST UPDATED: 23.10.2017