Business Plans for Urban Development

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COWI assists customers in the implementation process for projects within experience economy, tourism, culture, sports and urban development.  The projects depend on realistic business plans and a solid decision basis.

When a major development programme is initiated, COWI provides a design programme describing the scope, purpose and effects of the project.

Business strategy
It is often necessary to prepare a business case to document the overall economy of a development project. The business case should be taken into consideration when deciding the next steps in the development process.

The business case will be based on the functionalities (buildings and activities) described in the design programme and the requirements for the dimensions of buildings and site areas.

The advantage of using a business case is that it describes the financial aspects of the development project, covering several alternative business models.

Matches the project
Based on the business case COWI develops a tailor-made financial model for the specific development project.

COWI's model is based on input data, such as the size of the area, construction costs and sales prices, and output data such as construction and operational budgets. A profitability calculation shows the profit return as the internal rate of interest on the investment.

LAST UPDATED: 31.03.2017