Design and physical planning

Photo: Peter Nørby


Cities and local areas involve a multitude of stakeholders and possibilities. This is reflected when COWI designs, visualises and plans new urban areas.

COWI shows the development potential of an area and makes the spaces we plan attractive to users, decision-makers and investors.

We provide well -documented, creative, long-term solutions, whether we are in charge of the project or part of a consortium.

Many stakeholders involved
Our customers include municipalities, regions, government, housing associations, private developers and utility companies.

We appreciate the importance of delivering solutions which take the various stakeholders and perspectives into account.

The right knowledge for the job In COWI we have the largest spatial planning and design environment in Denmark, providing a large base of experience.

COWI delivers in-house specialist knowledge within a number of fields, e.g. 3D visualisation, cultural heritage, retail shopping, processes, rural area development, legal planning, experience economy and digitalisation.

This knowledge ensures the right results.

LAST UPDATED: 31.03.2017