Financial implementation

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Realising an exciting project depends on a strong economic foundation. Coherence between idea, vision, operating economics and financing ensures a good and sustainable start for the project.

Especially projects within experience economy, tourism, culture and sports require economic attention during the establishing and operational stages. COWI assists customers all the way - from developing ideas to opening the project.

A clear vision
All project ideas need intensive work and a reality check to assess whether the project is sustainable.

Together with our customers we clarify project ideas, analyse the competition, benchmark with similar international projects and describe the visions, strategies, products or services and the customer basis of the project.

Business plans
The business plan describes the project's economic basis, capital outlay and investments, budget, profitability analysis, financing facilities and organisation.

For many projects it will also be of interest to document their socio-economic effects.

Funding sources
COWI can facilitate the contact to funding sources, including large private and public funds, EU structural funds etc.

A strong project description and a clear business plan are the best starting points for an investor dialogue.

Clear communication
A business plan for a new project will have much better impact when accompanied by visualisations.

COWI has had very good response when combining the economic analysis with a visualisation of the project, in the form of a master plan for e.g. a new museum, a tourist attraction, a new district or business area.

LAST UPDATED: 31.03.2017