Stakeholder involvement

Photo: Niels Helberg/COWI


Physical planning can have significant impact. Stakeholder involvement is therefore very important during the planning process. COWI offers process advice and software to help balance expectations and increase stakeholder ownership.

A planning process is often very complex, including professional demands and political restrictions, and they may be far from citizens' everyday life. COWI ensures a public dialog at eye level through early stakeholder involvement.

Round table discussions, interviews and planning workshops provide the public with knowledge about the planning process, enabling them to express their wishes and hear a professional opinion.

Involving the public strengthens stakeholder ownership of the plans. Also the relationship between the authorities, the public and their organisations is strengthened, which benefits long-term cooperation.

The planning process and active investments 

Urban planning is often based on a number of analyses. The planning process is therefore highly complex and can be difficult to understand for business stakeholders such as retail shops. For municipalities it is essential that the plans are followed by investments.

COWI always involves stakeholders, resulting in the local business community participating in the realisation process.

Digital stakeholder involvement

COWI provides a digital planning platform supporting stakeholder involvement. The website is used by many Danish municipalities for the production and presentation of municipal and sector plans. The site offers interactive facilities.

The customer is a co-producer in a user-friendly production environment and the website can be accessed via smartphones. We also have experience using social media such as Facebook, which provide stakeholders with information and questions.

LAST UPDATED: 31.03.2017