Strategy and vision

Photo: Niels Aage Skovbo/COWI

A bright idea can be valuable. Especially if it is incorporated into a larger context and there is a plan for how to implement it.

Strategic development and planning are all about taking the right steps in the right order towards an attractive and well-defined goal.

From idea to reality
Most of our customers are good at generating ideas. But it is often an advantage to discuss the ideas with an external party, who can ask the right questions and add new information and energy to the project.

COWI participates in the creative development phase and tests the circumstances that can make the difference between failure and success. We also assist with establishing contacts to the right partners, ensuring the best start for the project.

New opportunitiesA well-prepared strategy makes it easier to sell the idea to decision-makers, investors and partners. It also increases the chances of obtaining synergies with other initiatives.

Often strategies are about changing the use or the perception of a place or a concept, and to find ways of attracting new citizens, making more people use bicycles as a means of transport, or telling positive stories from the remote regional areas.

LAST UPDATED: 23.10.2017