Congestion and road user charging

Photo: Matti Mattila/flickr
Road congestion is an increasing problem in most countries, and constitutes substantial socio-economic costs to society. Individuals as well as business and public transport are affected, and congestion is high on the political agenda.

COWI applies a range of tools to monitor and analyse congestion in road networks. We have developed automated systems - based on vehicle fleets equipped with GPS - which monitor road congestion.

We use simulation tools to assess the effects of plans and interventions.

We have analysed congestion on major road networks, in corridors and junctions, and have proposed and analysed improvement measures. We have also significantly contributed to research in this area.

Road user charging


Road user charging (RUC) is a new and efficient measure to combat congestion and reduce the environmental load from road traffic.

COWI provides the full range of services related to the planning of RUC schemes, including the analysis of business models, technological solutions, organisational arrangements, effects on traffic and environment, costs and revenues etc.

We have assisted the Danish Government in developing the decision basis for green RUC in Denmark, and the Municipality of Copenhagen in its analyses of introducing congestion charges in Copenhagen.

For the EU Commission we have analysed various concepts for RUC for heavy vehicles in Europe. 

LAST UPDATED: 30.06.2017