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Environment and climate within transport

Photo: COWI/Niels Iversen


Transport is a major source of environmental and climate impact. At the same time, transport is necessary for society to function. COWI works to create a balance on projects within transport and the environment.
Traffic and environmental action plans

COWI helps road authorities prepare traffic and environmental action plans that set out goals and strategies for their future initiatives.

Emission calculations
Calculating emissions from transport is important for transport-intensive companies, e.g. when preparing green accounts.

COWI assists companies in collecting data and carrying out emission calculations, for instance using the TEMA model of the Ministry of Transport, which COWI has developed.

Environmental zones
The environmental zone concept, i.e. delimited urban areas where certain vehicles are required to meet engine technical requirements, has been the subject of debate in Denmark for more than ten years. The first environmental zone was established in Copenhagen in 2008.

COWI has experience from multiple projects on environmental zones. We design the structure, principles and effects of an environmental zone and assess financial consequences.

Climate and mobilityFor municipalities, major companies, organisations and geographical areas, COWI maps the connections between mobility and climate impact.

We set up proposed actions that not only include physical traffic measures and vehicle technology, but also awareness campaigns, organisation and teaching.

LAST UPDATED: 31.03.2017