Photo: Henrik Køster/COWI


Parking is crucial to the traffic flow in cities and is considered important by residents, road users and politicians.

For several years, COWI has worked with parking at all levels, from design of parking areas to comprehensive parking policies for municipalities.

Parking policiesA parking policy is an important tool to create coherence between goals, stragegies and impact in terms of parking

COWI has developed parking policies for several Danish municipalities.

Parking and urban planningChanges in urban centres, new residences and offices create a demand for new parking areas.

COWI assists municipalities with developing or revising their parking standards, and municipalities and private customers with local development plans.

Focus is on generating the space for the required parking and to ensure that the parking areas have the appropriate layout.

Parking information
Searching for free parking spaces may cause considerable unnecessary traffic in city areas. Signage indicating where free spaces can be found reduces the traffic.

From the initial planning to tendering and supervision, COWI helps municipalities introduce parking information systems.

Paid parkingCharging a fee for parking is an important tool in adjusting the capacity of traffic and parking.

COWI assists municipalities in all phases,from identifying payment areas, determining the structure of charges and methods of payment to managing tenders for payment systems.

LAST UPDATED: 12.04.2017