Road safety and campaigns

Photo: Niels Iversen/COWI
COWI has improved road safety practices in a number of countries. We assess existing conditions and recommend measures and activities to be included in future strategies for road safety.

Road safety practicesFor the EU, COWI has assisted in the preparation of road safety twinning projects in Ukraine and Egypt. COWI has reviewed and assessed the road safety management capacity in e.g. Iran, Bulgaria and Kazakhstan, through projects financed by the World Bank.

COWI has assisted the European Commission in the preparation of the European Road Safety Action Programme 2011-2020.

Campaigns and informationDeveloping and implementing road safety campaigns at international, national and local levels is one of COWI's key competences.

Road safety campaigns include issues such as speeding, alcohol and drugs, use of safety belts and young and inexperienced drivers. We cooperate with national and local authorities, police, as well as public institutions and other stakeholders.

Improving infrastructureCOWI carries out road safety inspections and black spot analyses to improve the safety of existing roads.

We have performed road safety audits and assessments of new road projects in e.g. Bahrain, Oman, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Hungary, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Iran and Egypt and in a number of African countries, including Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana, Benin and Zimbabwe.

LAST UPDATED: 01.09.2017