Traffic engineering and design

Photo: Niels Iversen/COWI


Good planning is a prerequisite for successful projects within the framework of the increasing traffic volume and the intensified requirements for design and use of traffic areas.

COWI has extensive experience with consultancy to national,and local authorities and private organisations within the fields of traffic planning and design of all types of traffic areas.

Planning of traffic infrastructure
Within planning of all types of traffic infrastructure, COWI has carried out numerous assignments.

We have provided consultancy on the planning of streets, roads and town squares, priority intersections, signalled intersections and roundabouts, parking facilities and terminals for buses, trains, light rails, harbours and airports.

We also work with urban development, speed-reducing and traffic-calming measures, safe school routes and bicycles and pedestrians.

Projects comprise proposals of new design as well as rebuilding of existing infrastructure.

Our services also include impact assessments of traffic flow by way of prioritisation, capacity, congestion, waiting times etc.

Road safety is crucial
Road safety is crucial to a project. We focus on road safety, access and mobility when designing traffic areas.

Traffic areas must be as safe as possible, ensuring that there are no unnecessary barriers for disabled or mobility disabled persons.

LAST UPDATED: 31.03.2017