3D landmarks

Photo: République et Canton de Genève/ Service de la mensuration officielle
COWI uses close-range photogrammetry and state-of-the-art 3D modelling for the creation of photo-realistic 3D landmarks of historic and modern buildings, monuments, bridges and other man-made objects.

In the emerging fully textured 3D city models, the need to highlight important buildings with a high degree of detail and texturing, photo-realistic 3D landmarks are the latest addition to a sophisticated, reality-based 3D city model.

Photo-realistic 3D LandmarksCOWI’s 3D Landmarks are highly accurate and photo-realistic. They increase the value of the visualization of 3D city models and are geo-referenced for the use in geographical information systems.

COWI applies close-range photogrammetry and state-of- the-art 3D modelling for the creation of visual appealing 3D models of historic and modern buildings, monuments, bridges and other man-made constructions.

Close range photogrammetryIn order to construct the detailed and very accurate 3D landmarks we apply close-range photogrammetry. This is done by capturing several pairs of photos covering the object from all sides. The photographs are carefully planned and captured with overlap which is necessary to acquire highly accurate 3D data from the digital images in a stereo environment. The measured 3D coordinates are used for the manual modeling of the 3D vector model of a building, monument or bridge. The photographs are then cleaned of foreign objects and used for the photo-realistic texturing of the facades of the virtual 3D model in high resolution.

Various Applications
  • Urban Planning and architecture
  • Web-based 3D visualization and tourism
  • Simulation
  • Car navigation
  • Real Estate and Facility Management
  • Entertainment (games, broadcasting etc.)
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Solar Potential Analysis

LAST UPDATED: 08.08.2017