3D models for GIS

Photo: COWI A/S
COWI's 3D city models are produced with an accuracy and flexibility that support direct use on the existing GIS platform of the customers.

The use of digital 3D city models is about to take a turn from being background data for visualisations of future building projects to forming part of the administrative land registry.

Detailed building polygon data

By changing the data model for the digital 3D buildings, it is possible to geocode all buildings so that they will be in accordance with the 2D building polygon. Subsequently, you can attach geometric and spatial attributes.

More and more European customers demand this type of data, as it can be used directly on their existing GIS platform and in interaction with the existing registry data.

A new chapter

The individual 3D buildings are registered according to the common photogrammetric principles, but afterwards a number of semi-automatic work procedures, which ensure topological consistency in all data, are conducted.

If terrestrially surveyed building polygons with building IDs are available, they can be included in the establishment of the 3D buildings so that they will appear with roof pitch and complete geometric connection to the building polygon and identical IDs.  

Based on the high topological quality demands on 3D buildings, it is possible to  calculate geometric attributes such as volume, roof pitch, areas, etc. for all 3D objects. These attributes can be used for standard GIS SQL queries.

LAST UPDATED: 08.09.2017