Visualization and animation

Photo: COWI A/S
A picture can speak more than a thousand words, but some times that may not be enough. When presenting complex projects to decision makers and the public, 3D visualizations and in particular moving images are excellent at presenting the ideas and visions of the project in a short and precise form.

COWI assists our customers with 3D visualizations and animations for projects ranging from single buildings to road, rail and energy infrastructure projects, as well as covering the entire life span of projects from exploring initial ideas, over investigations and planning to showing what the final result will be once a project is completed.

A common frame of referenceBy using visualizations and animations, the audience can in a very short time be given a broad introduction to even a complex project and its impat on the environment and landscape. Visualizations provide a clear common reference for discussing the various aspects of the project presented in drawings and videos. There is also the option of presenting one or more alternative project solutions, assisting decision-makers in choosing the optimum solution.

Putting the spotlight on a projectIn today's media landscape, easy recognition and a clear message are key ingredients when going public whether it's with a project in its early stages or during complex multi stage public hearing stages. A specific image of a prominent project feature will often be used again and again by the media to ensure recognition and a video is a strong display case for the project and can easily be distributed online.

LAST UPDATED: 08.08.2017