Photo: COWI A/S
COWI sells Skyline visualization tools and software solutions from Skyline Software Corporation. Via Skyline, you can virtually fly across a landscape, a town or a project before it is realized.

Customers can choose hosted solutions at COWI and access 3D city and landscape models via the internet or buy the software for their own IT environment or a combination of the two.

Products and servicesThe software products we sell include, e.g.:

TerraExplorer - View
TerraExplorer is Skyline's3D viewer allowing you to navigate freely in a 3D world, when an already established 3D urban and landscape model is accessed on a server via LAN or WEB.

TerraExplorer Pro
By means of TerraExplorer Pro, the user can edit and create own projects in existing landscapes when such models are available. By means of TerraExplorer Pro, information can be embedded in landscape models along with user defined "flight routes", and text and graphical objects to accentuate certain locations or objects in the landscape.

COWI services
COWI produces and provides 3D city and landscape models in a Skyline project and is able to provide the necessary orthophotos, terrain/surface models, oblique photos, etc. if the customer does not already have such.

COWI supplies and implements software solutions, adapts solutions to the customer's needs, load 3D projects, offer courses and training, service agreements for software, hosting/operation in own professional hosting environment and maintenance of the customer's data and software solution.

Flying through the landscape - how?
Digital 3D models in Skyline allow the user to virtually move around a 3D model on his own or to be guided through a landscape or city via a predefined route. The trip could pass through areas of natural beauty with large differences in level, and show cultural and tourist sights that are loaded as GIS themes. From such points of interest, links can lead to other web sites, easily providing information. This is but one example of the use of a tourist portal.

LAST UPDATED: 08.08.2017