Visualization of buildings and urban environment

Photo: COWI A/S

When projects are assessed by decision makers and presented to the public, visualizations are one of the strongest means of communication when it comes to putting shape and images on visions and proposals.

A uniform basis for decision-making Being able to picture a project based on drawings and descriptions is a skill that takes years to learn for those who deal with it on a daily basis, and still the idea of a project varies from person to person. Are we talking about dynamic situations in urban spaces and buildings, the task is further complicated. By preparing visualizations based on a 3D model of projects and simulating situations such as variations in the shadows cast by the sun or traffic in and outside peak periods, the basis for decision-making is significantly increased and also rendered more easily accessible.

Effective communication A project video is an attractive way of presenting a project as it quickly and precisely communicates the message, attracts greater attention than print materials and can be shown in several media, including the internet, TV and your own PC. You can also create still shots for print purposes based on the 3D model, providing you with a solution that can be communicated via several media. Visualizations help sell the right project.

LAST UPDATED: 05.07.2017