Visualization of industry and production facilities

Photo: COWI A/S

Short and clear communication on complex processes and sequences creates an overview both internally and when communicating to authorities and customers. COWI uses 3D visualizations both internally and for projects for our customers.

Illustrate and understand the underlying processes
In many products, the story and value lie hidden beneath the surface. Perhaps the manufacturing processes differentiate the process or perhaps the processes that occur inside machines or are in other ways hidden to the naked eye. We combine 3D visualizations of processes, video/pictures of physical installations and possibly speak/interview to form a video that conveys to the recipient a clear image of the key processes and an understanding of the whole of which they are part. This is a simple and clear means of communication.

Permanent value
A presentation video prepared for a specific project is often useful as more than just general branding of a company/product and consequently its value to the company is higher than the immediate use in the project. For instance, you can put the video on a company website or upload it to an online video portal and link to it.

LAST UPDATED: 09.09.2017