Visualization of waste and recycling centres

Photo: COWI A/S


Based on Skyline technology, COWI has developed a work method for creating quick 3D visualizations of recycling centres.

When establishing a recycling centre, it is important that containers, etc., be placed to allow users easy access while enabling the recycling centre staff to carry out their jobs. This makes it important to assess the spatial aspects of the site before it is constructed, and this is best done in a spatial 3D model.

Based on, e.g., a 2D site layout plan of the draft project, a 3D model is built and used for assessing locations, overview and logistics. Virtual models have improved layout processes as otherwise agreed issues are discovered and adjusted, thereby obtaining more well-functioning recycling centres. If existing recycling centres are to be changed, visualizations can be used for providing a better basis for dialogue with the site staff on new layout.

LAST UPDATED: 15.02.2017