Database Design

Photo: Niels Aage Skovbo


​COWI possesses extensive expert knowledge of development of database models. We are specialised in modelling geographical databases for storing, processing and presenting geographical data.

Database design starts with understanding the users' world view. In order to develop an IT solution, the first step is to translate this world view into a model that accounts for the concepts used to describe the world and the data that has to be registered for that to happen.

Close cooperation with future users

COWI has vast experience in facilitating this process and translating this implicit understanding of the world into a formal conceptual model. This facilitation takes place in close cooperation with the future users of the IT solution.

Once the conceptual model is in place, the technical work of designing the actual database model and implementing it can begin.

Competencies in graphic modelling

COWI has developed a range of solutions involving advanced database models, and has core competencies in geographical modelling where information is presented on a map or where databases are optimised to carry out spatial analysis with high-performance requirements.

LAST UPDATED: 21.02.2017