Further development and maintenance

Photo: Mogens Bjørn Nielsen


​COWI offers to take over further development and maintenance of our customers' existing systems in order to safeguard their IT investments.

​Managing the lifecycle of applications is part of COWI's core services in GIS and IT. This involves handing over an IT system developed by COWI or another supplier to COWI in order to ensure that the system continues to hold value by further developing and maintaining it in a structured and efficient manner.

Handover takes places according to a carefully planned transition process where development, test and any operating environments are established, source code and related documentation is handed over, and a full build, release and test process is carried out to ensure that the basis for COWI taking over maintenance and further development is 100-per-cent in place prior to handover.

Close dialogue

Further development of an existing system is carried out in close dialogue between COWI and our customer and relies on the SCRUM method for further development. This ensures a constant overview of and clear prioritisation of future development tasks, which are delivered at regular intervals. In this process, COWI is an active co-player and proposes changes to our customer's system in order to optimise business value – in terms of operational reliability, performance and process support.

Pro-active maintenance

Dedicated development teams proactively maintain the systems that COWI manages to ensure operating stability and security. The customer's system is regularly optimised and any technical debt is continually reduced, according to the customer's vision and strategy for the system.

LAST UPDATED: 21.02.2017