Software development and system integration

Photo: COWI


​COWI offers software development and system integration, using the latest technologies and best practices in GIS and IT to create optimum solutions for our customers.

​As part of our development strategy, we have carefully selected a number of technologies that we base our solutions on and that meet our customers' needs: simple tools to present data on a website, a highly specialised IT solution to manage business-critical processes, or large-scale solutions that cover every activity in a business and number hundreds of users.

Core competencies

Our developers' core competencies include:

Development platforms: Microsoft .NET, ASP.NET MVC, WCF, JavaScript, MapBasic, Python.

GIS: MapInfo, ArcGIS, QuantumGIS.

WebGIS: Google Maps, OpenGeo Suite, GeoServer, Open Layers, GeoExt, Google, ArcGIS Server, Stratus.

Databases: Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, PostGIS.

We also strive to standardise our development processes in terms of code patterns, version control, testing and quality assurance, which further contributes to ensuring an efficient and high-quality development process.

LAST UPDATED: 16.03.2017