Product support

Photo: Niles Åge Skovbo


​COWI offers service and support of standard products from MapInfo and Bentley as well as COWI's proprietary applications. Support covers everything from hotline, installation and configuration for small data assignments.

We offer hotline and support of standard products from MapInfo, and for our proprietary applications for the Bentley and MapInfo platforms. These services are available under service level agreements and/or consultancy agreements.

Service level agreements

Service level agreements are valid for one year at a time and gives the user access to technical support and hotline. A consultancy agreement is made on a project-to-project basis and may, e.g., include a one-day consultancy assistance involving technical support and data management.

A support and hotline agreement covers:
Technical support: Assistance with installation, software configuration, training, customisation of software products to meet specific needs, advice on data structure etc.

Data management: Execution of data assignments (e.g. conversion of data to another reference system, entry of new data sets, digitisation, maps for civil works etc.)
Hotline: Assistance with daily performance problems.

Support may be by telephone, at the customer, at COWI's office or via remote connection.

LAST UPDATED: 27.01.2017