Software products

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COWI offers a range of standard applications within technical disciplines such as utility registration, road design and agriculture. Our products are developed based on COWI's vast technical knowledge of the specific areas, combined with our expertise in software development.

​COWI's software is used for utility registration, road design and agricultural management, and is based on current technical standards for data structures and data models within each discipline. When developing these products, we draw on the vast technical knowledge that exists in COWI's technical departments. This allows us to link our knowledge of software development to the extensive knowledge and experience that have been gained through hundreds of projects within each discipline.

Product overview:

Agricultural administration

  • AgroGIS.

Utility registration

  • COWIdandasXML
  • COWIdanvandXML
  • Vreg (for MapInfo)
  • Utility registration, district heating
  • Utility registration, gas
  • Utility registration, electricity
  • Utility mapping
  • Cross-section of electricity line alignment.

Road design

  • VejPC
  • Vejudstyr (signs and road-marking)

Other software

  • COWIplot
  • MapFind VB.

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LAST UPDATED: 27.01.2017