IT project management

Photo: Niclas Jessen


​Good project management is a crucial foundation for every successful project. COWI offers experienced project managers with vast insight into our customers' businesses and strong professional backgrounds – including PRINCE2 certification.

​Being one of Denmark's leading consulting companies and having successfully carried out thousands of large projects across the world, COWI has over the years built a unique best practice for project management, which we offer to our customers on a consultancy basis.

OWI's project model is supplemented with external best practices, such as PRINCE2, which is a widely used method for project management and forms the basis for, e.g., the Danish State's IT project model.

Flexible project management

The project management method applied helps project managers manage a project from A to Z, and forms the foundation for a successful outcome. The method is flexible and can be applied to all project types, regardless of size and content. As mentioned, the method has been developed over a period of years based on specific projects within the private and public sectors. The result is a palette of tools and methods that can be adapted to any organisation and any project.

Based on the PRINCE2 method, COWI offers project management as consultancy assistance provided by certified PRINCE2 project managers. The consultancy assistance may entail sparring on the launch of a PRINCE2 project or actual project management on behalf of the customer.

Experience with Danish cross-governmental model

In addition to PRINCE2, COWI also has solid experience with the Danish cross-governmental IT project model, primarily through consultancy on the implementation and execution of projects developed based on the model. This also includes preparation of management products and business case material used by the Danish Council for IT Projects to carry out risk assessments (for projects over DKK 10 million).

LAST UPDATED: 27.01.2017