Hosting and operation

Photo: Niels Aage Skovbo


​COWI offers hosting and operation in our own data centre and related professional services such as service level agreements (SLA), monitoring and backup. COWI's hosting is known for its high-performance data streaming of vector and raster-based data and high data accessibility.

​Application hosting

COWI has a long history of hosting small and large applications, web services and other web-based solutions.
To us, a high level of service and accessibility are vital, and to ensure the best possible basis for high-performance hosting, we strive to maintain a high uptime.

Assessment of server needs

COWI assists companies in determining the right type of server for them. Virtual servers are often the ideal choice because it is easy to adjust parameters such as CPU, RAM and storage capacity. In special cases, a physical server is the optimum choice. If so, COWI's consultants identify this need and base their consultancy on it.

Tailored solutions

COWI also offers hosting set-ups that are tailored to match the needs of the individual company. Set-ups are operated on a case-to-case basis set out in a professional SLA.
COWI handles operation of the server(s) required by the set-up, and we maintain the operating system, antivirus software, backup and any application updates as agreed. If the need for hosting increases, we can draw on our close cooperation with our sub-suppliers, who can cover almost any need.

Data hosting

COWI offers hosting of data, e.g. in SQL databases. Our customers have access to their data hosted on our data servers, in effect having full access to data without having to run a server with an SQL installation. COWI provides server security and ensures, e.g., full backup.

LAST UPDATED: 21.02.2017