Camera and sensor systems

Photo: cowi
When it comes to camera and sensor systems, COWI is in front. We operate five aircraft with new digital vexcel cameras, and aerial laser scanning system, a camera system for obligue photos and a thermographic camera system.

Being one of the ten leading mapping companies in the world, ist crucial for our business that we pocess the newest equipment within camera systems.


Heat-sensitive camera system

In 2009 COWI invested in a new heat-sensitive camera system which, from the air, enables identification of buildings and pipe layouts that emit too much heat.

This surveying method can be used by authorities, scientists and commercial companies to map heat loss

New digital cameras ensure better products

Since the investments in new digital vexcel cameras we process data in a completely digital production flow.
The use of digital cameras also reduces the subsequent data processing considerably. An example is the scanning of photos that becomes unnecessary when using digital cameras.


Sensors for laser scanning
COWI operates two advanced Leica systems  (ALS80) which are the most effective sensors on the market. They both have the MPiA - Multiple Pulse in Air capability and the ALS80 system generates up to 1.000.000 pulses per second.

LAST UPDATED: 16.08.2017