Lidar system

Photo: COWI
Laser scanning (LiDAR) from aircraft is an efficient technology for the acquisition of elevation data of the landscape. COWI operates two Lidar systems.

By laser scanning from aircraft or helicopters, also known as LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), you can determine the height of the landscape with great accuracy.

We operates two multi pulse laser scanners

The market demand for height models with high accuracy has resulted in COWI investing in the ALS LiDAR system from Leica.

The ALS 80HP has a heightrange of 200 m to 3500 m for both corridor and wide area applications. The ALS80 operates with a maximum pulse rate up of 1.MHz with multiple returns and intensities, ensuring a high accuracy result.

As well, this LIDAR system has an adaptive roll compensation tool for a full data coverage.

LAST UPDATED: 16.02.2017