Thermographic camera system

Photo: COWI A/S

In 2009 COWI invested in a new heat-sensitive camera system which, from the air, enables identification of buildings and pipe lines that emit too much heat.

Surveying from aircraft with a thermographic camera system, makes it possible to identify buildings and pipe lines, that emit too much heat.

Technical specificationsDigiTHERM from IGI is an airborne thermal camera system for digital aerial thermography. With a thermal resolution of 0.05K the standard temperature range is -40 °C to 120 °C. The uncooled microbolometer FPAdetector with 640 x 480 pixels delivers thermal images in high quality. Combined with GPS/IMU system the DigiTHERM forms a complete solution for directly georeferenced thermal images.

LAST UPDATED: 16.02.2017