Vector mapping

Photo: COWI A/S

Photogrammetry with modern, digital equipment ensures optimum quality of COWI's vector maps.

The main part of COWI's map production is carried out using photogrammetry with modern, digital equipment where the production is based on digital aerial photos. 

The maps are produced according to the standards demanded by our customers.

As COWI has developed a large capacity in the Indian subsidiary, we can perform large mapping projects within short time.

In the period from 2007 to 2010, COWI mapped more than 50 percent of Denmark according to the FOT standard, which is the common standard of the municipalities and the National Survey and Cadastre.

What is a vector map? A digital vector map is a data collection of vectors related to certain geographic locations, with attached features and mutual relations.

A well-structured vector map database is a dynamic product that can be integrated with other databases and it is well suited for GIS use.

COWI produces different types of vector maps, including detailed, technical maps, index maps and topographic maps.

Use of technical maps 

The digital map products are used for many purposes such as:

  • Management of building projects
  • Registration and planning of utility networks 
  • Route optimisation and route planning
  • Measuring distances and areas
  • Determination of development strategies
  • Registration of location data
  • Presentation of information

LAST UPDATED: 05.06.2017