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An updated design basis is important for designing harbours, bridges, coastal protection facilities, etc. As COWI has worked as consultant engineers on many coastal surveying projects.

We have developed extensive competencies with experienced staff and own equipment within this field.

Flexible solutions

Coastal areas are often difficult to survey due to breakers and low  depth of water. The surveying boat is mobilised to the individual project and is chosen on the basis of weather and depth conditions. Here we use traditional bathymetry equipment like echo sounder, wave compensator, etc.

The complete surveying is often combined with surveying of the dry part of the coast and of the very shallow areas.

This surveying is made with RTK GPS, the accuracy being approximately 3 cm in the X and y coordinates. Dependent on the extent of the project and the character of the terrain, traditional surveying or four-wheel motorcycles will be used for this part.

Tide tables and weather forecasts are studied carefully in connection with the planning so that the surveying can take place in the most favourable conditions.

Consultancy and inspection
COWI also offers competent consultancy and/or inspection of bathymetry projects related to both coastal and offshore surveying. Our staff of experienced chartered surveyors can work from both the office offering telephone/Skype-/e-mail assistance and as inspectors on large and small projects around the world.

LAST UPDATED: 15.02.2017