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​Climate change and waste management are major challenges for most companies.
The issues are frequently discussed at both national and international level. Demand for biofuels is increasing in society.

​The bioenergy market is being developed and is growing continuously as the realisation grows that there must be sustainable development. Today it is possible to manufacture biofuels from various waste and residual products through the use of both new and existing technologies. That means that residual products from industry and organic waste can be used as raw materials with high economic value.

COWI – independent consultancy services in bioenergy

COWI offers professional services in the areas of technology, environmental sciences and economics. We develop our services and our business by making use of our considerable experience, new knowledge, new technologies and continuous training to deliver high quality and high profitability for all parties at all times.

We have the resources to be a professional, independent partner when different ways to satisfy a need for bioenergy production exist. We always take the customer's specific needs and circumstances as our starting point.

Our goal is to offer each individual customer the optimal overall solution for bioenergy production. We adopt a sustainable approach at all times, taking environmental, social and economic aspects into account.

At COWI, we have developed models and strategies that we use to achieve realistic, sustainable goals when working with our customers.

Specialists in bioenergy

COWI has all the expertise required to manage the customer's preparations for a bioenergy production facility. Using our overall approach, we combine the customer's location, access to raw materials and other circumstances with the best possible technology for producing biofuel. We support the customer in the process of deciding on and implementing the project. Our specialists have many years' experience of conducting cost-effective preliminary studies and producing designs that provide a solid basis for making the right decision. COWI also monitors the development of a range of production techniques. We have considerable experience of developing a specific technology into a full-scale production process if the customer holds a licence.

LAST UPDATED: 03.11.2017