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District heating and cooling


COWI is one of the leading specialists regarding optimisation and rehabilitation of district heating and cooling systems.

COWI deals with all questions related to the planning and establishment of district heating and cooling systems. We both design new systems and handle optimisation and extension of existing networks, and renewal and replacement of worn-out pipeline systems.

Modern tools for optimizationWe have a large number of professionals at our disposal in relevant specialist areas, e.g. geotechnology, land surveying, road building and welding technology.

We offer real-time simulation of any district energy system as well as temperature optimisation of the network.

District energy systemsCOWI assists a substantial number of Danish and foreign supply companies, either as building consultants, planners or sparring partners. We have provided consultancy in most countries worldwide.

Our experience with district energy systems includes:

  • Planning of networks
  • Detailed design and documentation
  • Relations with authorities
  • Procurement of pipeline systems, auxiliary equipment and optimal operational software solutions
  • Consultancy to the builder of turnkey projects
  • Supervision and management
  • Optimisation of operation and maintenance of networks and substations as well as operational parameters through SCADA and real-time hydraulic analyses using TERMIS software.

LAST UPDATED: 11.03.2016