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Thermal Power

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​COWI offers world-class consulting services within Thermal Power, combining hands-on experience with impartiality.

​COWI is a large international multidisciplinary consultant with a worldwide staff of more than 6,000, with headquarters in Denmark and offices and operations in several countries worldwide. COWI Thermal Power is engaged in Power Plants, Biomass Power Plants and District Heating Plants as well as Waste-to-Energy. COWI Thermal Power is a team of experts ready to assist our clients during the whole project, from planning to implementation, and throughout the entire plant life.

Power Plants

We have comprehensive experience in Power Plants in sizes from 5 MWe to 650 MWe and we have assisted clients in numerous projects for coal, oil, gas and biomass. COWI has a unique knowledge in the use of various biomass fuels such as wood chips, wood pellets and straw, both in conversion from coal to 100% biomass, but also within cofiring in existing coal fired boilers.

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Energy from Biomass

The combustion of corrosive biomass fuels such as straw, sugar cane leaves, cotton stalks, etc. requires substantial hands-on knowledge and experience. COWI has gained this over decades using similar fuels in the Danish energy sector. In addition to straw and similar fuels, we have substantial experience using other biomass including wood chips, wood pellets, etc.

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COWI is among the largest global waste management consultants, with complete expertise in Energy from Waste and more than 50 years successful history in this field. In addition to our expertise in the design of Waste-to-Energy facilities, we have substantial experience as Transaction Advisor for PPP-projects based on MSW (Municipal Solid Waste).

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Operation, Maintenance and Optimisation

COWI offers a unique range of specialists within boilers and combustion, turbine/generator, flue gas cleaning and chemical aspects, corrosion and materials, bulk handling, plant control, process calculation and optimisation by use of Thermoflex®, etc.

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Combined Heat and Power

We have assisted Clients in numerous projects for combined heat and power production (CHP). The surplus heat in the turbine exhaust steam and in the flue gases is used to produce district heating or cooling, or steam or heat for industrial purposes.

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LAST UPDATED: 21.04.2017