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​COWI offers 50 years of active commitment in the development, design and construction of Waste-to-Energy projects.

The increasing focus on climate change calls for new sustainable answers. Producing Energy from Municipal Solid Waste is a solution that can replace fossil fuels and thus reduce CO22-emission to the atmosphere.

COWI is recognised as one of the largest global waste management consultants with complete expertise in Energy from Waste and more than 50 years successful history in this field.

Energy recovery in Waste-to-Energy facilities

Waste-to-Energy provides an environmentally sound and economic solution for the residual waste that cannot be recycled due to contamination or handling problems. In western, industrialised countries, a family’s residual waste contains enough energy to meet approximately 20% of that family’s demand for heating and electricity.

COWI has comprehensive experience in thermal conversion of waste. This comprises combustion in traditional grate fired boilers and the most advanced systems for gasification. We have assisted Clients in projects for combined heat and power plants, but also for boiler units producing steam or heat for industrial purposes. All these plants use Municipal Solid Waste and some also burn Refuse Derived Fuels (RDF) or biomass.

COWI specialists have wide international Energy from Waste background with working experience from Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and the Americas. In addition to our comprehensive knowledge of the design of Waste-to-Energy facilities we have substantial experience as Transaction Advisor for PPP projects, e.g. from Ireland, Azerbaijan and Kuwait.

COWI can provide complete service within Waste-to-Energy – This includes:

  • Project development services such as bankable feasibility studies, conceptual design, EIA, etc.
  • Transaction Advisor services in relation to private sector participation (PPP) such as technology review and Request for Participation (RfP)
  • Planning, design and implementation of new Waste-to-Energy plants
  • Assistance with operation, maintenance, upgrading and optimisation of existing Waste-to-Energy plants
  • After-Service and Life Time Extension

LAST UPDATED: 21.04.2017