IT and automation

Industrial IT and automation 
 Photo: Mogens Carrebye.
COWI provides consultancy on automation and integrated manufacturing solutions to increase flexibility, quality and productivity.

The use of IT solutions is often a prerequisite for achieving better planning and control of production and distribution. Either as a management tool or to achieve better recording of experience and transparency of the operation.

Automation and integrated manufacturing solutionsIn a close dialogue with our clients, COWI offers consultancy on automation and integrated manufacturing solutions.

Our IT services are focused on the production, but include all aspects - from automation and instrumentation at machinery level to establishment of tools for overall control.

Flexibility, quality and productivityWe develop solutions that enhance the basis for decisions to achieve flexibility, quality and high productivity.

COWI's experience in industrial IT and automation includes:

  • Optimisation and rationalisation of production and automation processes
  • Machine automation including development and testing of equipment and vision systems
  • Strategies and action plans
  • Factory automation systems
  • IT architecture and integration
  • PLC, network, SCADA and MES systems
  • Integration to ERP
  • Compliance, traceability and GAMP/Part 11
  • Tendering and procurement
  • Design manuals and requirement specifications
  • Risk management and quality assurance
  • Training and education.

LAST UPDATED: 18.09.2017