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Pharma and biotech

Pharma and biotech - ALPHARMA 
 Photo: COWI.
COWI offers a complete package of process consulting services when clients plan to establish new facilities, expand present capacity or optimise production. We find it important to participate already in the idea and conceptual phase.

Process solutions partnerCOWI possesses a wide range of technologies which support the process development and cGMP trends which is the core business of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

In order to ensure success in the competitive market, processes have to be improved and redesigned to support the production logistics. This requires flexible plant solutions, but also sets up expectations of financial, time, quality, environmental, health and safety aspects.

COWI's multidisciplinary service capability acquired in process solutions for numerous process plants has given us the expertise to meet these demands.

Innovative engineering methodsOur services comprise a wide range of technologies, which are integrated in our planning and design IT-systems by use of advanced CAD tools and databases to ensure validated data for all parties involved.

We are experienced in all project phases from conceptual design to realisation cover-ing all engineering disciplines within several process and utility units:

Fermentation - separation - purification - freeze drying - milling - micronising - synthesis - PU - clean stream - WFI plant - nitrogen - CIP/SIP - process air - cooling - vacuum - solvents - hazardous storage.

LAST UPDATED: 18.09.2017