Airport buildings

Photo: Trond Isaksen/Oslo Lufthavne AS
COWI's services related to the design and constructions of airport buildings include planning, programming, design, tendering and supervision of the facilities.

COWI has extensive experience with project management, both in the design phase and in the construction phase. An experience which is founded on many years of involvement in airport projects as well as other small and major building projects.

Airport buildingsAirport buildings encompass many specialised buildings such as passenger terminal buildings, control towers, cargo buildings, hangars, airport maintenance buildings and fire and rescue stations.

A number of other buildings also play an important part in many airports. Administrative buildings, car park buildings, catering buildings and hotels are examples of airport related buildings.

We have design experience with most types of airport buildings and their interfaces with the civil works.

On building projects of all types we create synergies between technology and architecture. We focus on function, construction technology, energy savings and sustainable developments.

The client’s objectives and organisationOur aim is to ensure that the client’s objectives are fulfilled. Therefore, the first planning step should be to define these objectives in cooperation with the client. The design objectives are typically architectural appearance, operational efficiency, passenger comfort, revenue generation and flexibility that can match the constant development of a modern airport.

COWI's services

  • Passenger terminals
  • Control towers
  • Cargo terminals
  • Hangars
  • Administration buildings
  • Maintenance buildings
  • Catering buildings
  • Hotels
Specialist areas
  • Structural engineering
  • Flow and logistics
  • Fire protection
  • Acoustics
  • Indoor climate
  • IT installations
  • Airport systems
  • Conceptual planning

LAST UPDATED: 16.05.2017